Shopivor provides a wide range of products from Women Clothes to Baby, Kids Toys, Shoes, , Home Improvements, Electronics, Kitchen and dinning and much more. Enjoy quality products, unbeatable prices, and fast delivery – all from the comfort of your home


Hi everyone! Welcome to Shopivor…Reshaping Life…! Wanna know something about Shopivor? Let’s show you, how Shopivor is RESHAPING lives of millions across World. Shopivor is nothing but a mind-set, believe, hope, experience, focus, courtesy, confidence, commitment, reliability, convenience, affordability, determination, care, punctuality, and above all… Honesty & Trust!


As you know there are so many online stores working throughout World now a day. Why they don’t get rewarded by the people so much? You know why? Shhhhh….It’s a secret! Coz they lag somewhere. Shopivor is working day and night, leaving no stone unturned, Just to leave this lagging factor far behind. That’s why, there are many solid reasons to choose Shopivor as your fist choice for On-Line Shopping. Let’s take you more closer to Shopivor.


Our Vision and commitment towards our valued customers is to provide them with more rewarding products at reasonable price that bring excitement and positive change in their life.


Shopivor always try to find the best possible ways to make your shopping experience an exciting experience. As a result of this continuous struggle, Shopivor provides best products, competitive price and on time delivery across Pakistan. All this has developed a Solid Trust in our valued customers. And this Trust made Shopivor the first choice of millions across Pakistan.


Time is money…! In this fast expecting world, almost everybody is facing shortage of time. Shopivor is designed on one of the best and latest business model that needs just 3 clicks to shop. Click n Pick..! So order now, sit back, relax, pay cash after you receive your order and enjoy.


Avoid hassle , traffic, climate issues, long ques at malls or roaming around in different shops for different things. We always look for the best and the most convenient ways for you to shop with us. For your convenience and ease, we offer a tremendous range of quality products at one place.


As a responsible enterprise, we understand that many people are facing financial constraints now a day. That’s why we have brought very useful products starting from as low as 1 USD.


Keeping in view the importance of your precious time we tried to gather maximum useful products in our store at lowest price in Worldwide. From grandparents to newly born, Shop almost everything at Shopivor.


We partnered with PayPal and Stripe, world most trusted payment gateways for our customers safely financial transactions


After too much hard work, one expects appreciation and reward. And our reward to serve you in a diligent way is YOUR TRUST on us. And we are more than happy to have it. Thank you so much!

TEAM Shopivor

Our highly professional team “Team Shopland” is always there to facilitate you before and after shopping with us. If you have any query, please feel free to contact us on the following:


Welcome to our family, THE SHOPIVOR FAMILY…!

Whoever shops with us, becomes our family member for life. We are extremely happy to have YOU here. Stay Blessed…Always!


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